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Zecuf Lozenges

Formulation of 4 potent herbs, provide targeted action in infected area and relieves sore throat and related symptoms with soothing effect. Easy to carry and available in various fruit flavours.

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Zecuf Syrup

Completely herbal formulation of 11 potent herbs, effectively relieves cough of all etiology without drowsiness or dizziness. Delicious in taste and well accepted by adults and children.

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Our partner in Afghanistan

Yashfeen Pharma is a dedicated Pharmaceutical company based in Afghanistan. The company has its operations PAN- Afghanistan. Yashfeen Pharma is blessed with having visionary leadership, dedicated & experienced working team, well-recognition in the domestic market, loyal customer network and wide range presence in the country. Yashfeen Pharma feels honored to tie its business relationship with one of the renowned companies of India M/S Unique pharma and imports and distributes its unique products on competitive prices in the territory of Afghanistan.

State Name Address Number
Kabul Yashfeen Pharma Shop Number A17 – A 22, 1st Floor, Hameed tower, 1st Street of Shah Shahid, Opposite Bala Hesar Gate 93795300700
Kabul Sarmad Pharmacy Deh Afghanan, Opp. Shahrwaly 93787595530
Mazaar-e-Sharif Yashfeen Pharma shop no 64, Aria business center, Ghazanfer Chowk 93786673220
Mazaar-e-Sharif Azada Pharmacy Next to Aria Business Centre, Ghazanfar Chowk 93786666258
Jalalabad Yashfeen Pharma Shop No. 49, 3rd Floor, Haji Gul Sehat Plaza, Pashtoonistan Chowk 93799000232
Jalalabad Noristan Pharmacy Mukhaberat chowk 93788843436
Herat Yashfeen Pharma Shop No. 3 & 4, 2nd Floor, Meer Alam Market, Shahre Naw 93799586486
Herat Shifa Pharmacy Chowk-e-Gulha, Jada-e-Shamali, Masjid Jama 93402223275
Kandahar Yashfeen Pharma Shop No. 5, 2nd Floor, Ayoubi Darmal Market, Shah Zaman Watt 93796848000
Kandahar Qudoosi Pharmacy Qudoosi Market, Opp to Al Jadeed Market, District 1 93707818358